In order to understand the importance of beauty, we must first define what beauty is. In short, beauty is the manifestation of love in form.

There are many subjective forms of beauty, but none of those definitions reach the core truth of what beauty really is and why it should matter to us. In fact, if you want to look at the subjective versions, you could say that anything is “beautiful”, even ugliness.

Let’s stick to something that exists as a universal truth about beauty. Beauty and love go hand in hand. In fact, one begets the other. Love begets beauty and true beauty inspires love. The two together have the potential to create an upward spiral of joy and consciousness. The two things together can bring forth a deep sense of peace. A sense that all is right in the world.

Where does beauty begin?

Beauty begins at the onset of creation, because all real creation stems from love. Think about the words “infinite love”. This is the essence of our creator. Our creator can only create manifestations of love, because that is the essence of God. Anything other than this is an indication that something has gone wrong. Something is manifesting that is not of God.

So when infinite love creates, all that it creates is beautiful. There are no exceptions. When love’s creation is viewed in energetic or physical form, what you experience is beauty.

This becomes very clear when we look at the natural world. Is there any such thing as an ugly sunset in nature? No, of course not. When we witness the vibrant life and health of any living thing, we feel its beauty, don’t we? Have you ever seen a healthy forest or a majestic mountain that is ugly? Probably not.